CYIL vol. 11 (2020)


PREFACE Pavel Šturma




I. THE 70 TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE EUROPEAN CONVENTION ON HUMAN RIGHTS State Responsibility and the European Convention on Human Rights Pavel Šturma


The European Convention on Human Rights in Times of Trouble: Use of Derogations under Article 15 ECHR Emil Ruffer


Convention in the Times of COVID-19: Who is the Master of International Treaties? Martina Grochová, Ľubomír Majerčík The Contradictory Principle of Criminal Proceedings in Case Law of ECHR Jiří Mulák Business Entities from the Perspective of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Alla Tymofeyeva Surrogacy in Selected Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights Monika Forejtová, Pavla Buriánová, Vladislav Vnenk II. STUDIES IN INTERNATIONAL LAW AND ORGANIZATIONS The Contribution of the League of Nations to the Development of International Law, Especially in the Area of International Peace and Security (from the Point of View of the Czech Science of International Law and International Relations) Jan Ondřej, Magda Uxová 89 Unpopular Opinion: The Importance of Bilateral Extradition Agreements with Hong Kong Miroslav Kubíček 103 China’s Broken Promises and Diplomatic Grandstanding with Respect to the 2004 UN Convention on State Immunity Ylli Dautaj 124 State Response to COVID-19 Limiting Human Rights: National Emergency or only Quarantine? Birutė Pranevičienė, Violeta Vasiliauskienė 143 The New Trend of International Environmental Law: Formation and Establishment 33 41 59 73

of Customary Rules Silvano Denega Souza


III. INTERNATIONAL LAW AND EUROPEAN LAW The Principle of Non-Refoulement and the EU Charter

of Fundamental Rights Harald Christian Scheu



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