CYIL vol. 11 (2020)

IBHR – International Bill of Human Rights ICC – International Criminal Court ICCPR – International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ICESCR – International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights ICIS – Interstate Council on Industrial Safety ICRC – International Committee of the Red Cross ICTR – International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda ICTY – International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia IHL – international humanitarian law IHRL – international human rights law ILC – UN International Law Commission ILO – International Labour Organization IMF – International Monetary Fund INPRO – International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles ICJ – International Court of Justice ICL – International Criminal Law

INTERPOL – International Criminal Police Organization IOCT – International Organization for Cable Transport ISDS – investor-state dispute settlement KFOR – Kosovo Force MNEs – multinational enterprises NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NCA – national competition authorities NIAC – non-international armed conflict NPC – National People’s Congress NSL – Safeguarding National Security OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development OECD/NEA – Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development PCA – Permanent Court of Arbitration PCIJ – Permanent Court of International Justice PEVs – previously expressed wishes

PIL – Public International Law PRC – People’s Republic of China RBC – responsible business conduct

SAC – Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic SECSC – State Energy Control and Supervision Committee SMR – Small Modular Reactors


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