CYIL vol. 12 (2021)

Dimitris Liakopoulos CYIL 12 (2021) jurisdiction to the CJEU or to a specialized court pursuant to art. 257 TFEU 36 , the aim of establishing a specialized and relatively centralized jurisdictional structure, with jurisdiction to judge the validity and counterfeiting of unit patents, had initially been pursued through the proposition of a mixed agreement, which should have seen participation also of third States parties to the 1973 Munich Convention on the European Patent. However, the draft agreement on a European and Community Patent Court was declared incompatible with the Treaties established by Opinion 1/09 37 . The CJEU had in particular criticized the choice of entrusting exclusive jurisdiction in certain matters to an international court, considering that it represented a risk for the autonomy of the Union’s legal system and in particular of its jurisdictional system, based on cooperation between national courts and the EU nature that would have found a more rational positioning within the regulation. HILTY, R., JAEGER, T., LAMPING, M., ULLRICH, H. The unitary patent package: Twelve reasons for concern , Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property & Competition Law Research Paper, 2012, pp. 12ss. LAMPING, M. Enhanced cooperation-A proper approach to market integration in the field of unitary patent protection?, in International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law , 8, 2011. TRONCOSO, M. European Union Patents: A Mission Impossible? 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