ŠAVŠ/TAČR Digital Czechia in a Digital Europe


Luxembourg approach – multiple management coordinators

Luxembourg approaches the management of e-Government very heterogeneously. Despite the Ministry for Digitalisation is responsible for e-government strategies and policies, the coordination of the management of the entire system is in charge of a relatively branched five-member line. The Government IT Centre (CTIE) is an integral part of the Ministry for Digitalisation and is a major driver in the field of e-government, ICT and modernization of the state through information and communication technologies. At the same time, this center coordinates the actual implementation of e-Government projects in Luxembourg (see below). The Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy of the Ministry of State is responsible for the coordination and development of the national communication infrastructure (domestic and international connectivity, cable and wireless networks, data centers). The Ministry of the Economy is responsible for supporting ICT innovation by providing public support to startups, implementing seed funding and a basic venture capital framework, as well as simplifying and improving relations between ICT innovators and the public sector. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for supporting the development of innovative ICT tools for the financial sector, such as electronic and mobile payment solutions, virtual currency issues and financial data analysis tools and services. The Ministry of Higher Education and Research is responsible for supporting e-skills, ICT training and, last but not least, ICT research and development programs. Given the variety of the ministries responsible, a high degree of coordination is, of course, necessary. The Ministry for Digitalisation is in charge of this. Its subordinate Government IT Centre then coordinates and plans services to government agencies and agencies and assists them in reorganizing and optimizing their tasks.

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