ŠAVŠ/TAČR Digital Czechia in a Digital Europe


Dutch Approach – one strategy, two coordinators

TheDutchmodel represents a very simple centralized structure for e-Government solutions. Political responsibility for the digitalization of government is currently with the State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations . Sector ministers are just taking responsibility for ICT in their departments. In 2018, the Digital Government Policy Consultation OBDO , being an intergovernmental consultative body on digital government, was set up. The implementation of e-Government in the Netherlands is a joint responsibility of all government organizations. The coordination of the implementation of e-Government and the development of the building elements of the information infrastructure are then mainly in charge of the Government ICT Unit (ICTU), as well as the Logius agency dealing with shared services in ICT. The aim of the ICTU is to support the development, introduction and implementation of innovative ICT applications for public administration bodies with a wide scope. Logius is an agency of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Its mission is to manage nationwide ICT projects and deliver products related to access, data exchange, standardization and information security. Examples include the DigiD authentication service, the Dutch government portal PKI and the Digi network. Logius also includes the secretariat of the Standardization Forum. A programming board has the task of advising the OBDO on the desired and/or necessary further development of the Digital Government Infrastructure services managed by Logius.

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