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The following section deals with the analysis of state support of selected member states of the European Union, in which some of the most successful startups in the EU operate. At the same time, these are countries that are identified by the community of startups as one of the most suitable for startups and business development. According to Cristi Georgh, it is one of the key factors influencing the establishment of a startup: • Infrastructure – absolutely crucial because it ensures the availability of the startup to its clients, the availability of the startup for employees, and a quality internet connection. Without the right infrastructure, a startup may not be successful. • Available resources – necessary to find a place where it will be possible to implement the idea for which the startup is created. • Government and tax incentives – countries in which the government supports the establishment of startups are preferred for the establishment of startups. At the same time, there are favorable tax laws. • A country where successful startups have already been established – These countries already have experience with startups and are often in favor of them. At the same time, there are investors in the country who can enable the creation of other startups. The United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Ireland and Spain are among the 5 most attractive countries suitable for starting startups in the European Union. 9 10 The following discussions delineate why these selected member states of the European Union are so suitable for establishing a startup. The aim of this analysis is to identify the key parameters on the basis of which the founders of startups choose these countries. From the point of view of those who establish startups, this country is so far the most appealing state for this task. However, in the future it is expected that many startups will leave the United Kingdom due to Brexit. At the same time, there will be fewer new startups than if the United Kingdom were to remain a member of the European Union. More than 30% of European venture capital is located in the United Kingdom. At the same time, the government 9 Startups magazine, Entreprenur Europe, 12/2018, see https://www.entrepreneur.com. 10 Top European Countries to Open Startup, Twispay, 12/2018, see https://www.twispay.com/blog/ top- european-countries-to-open-startup. United Kingdom

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