ŠAVŠ/TAČR Digital Czechia in a Digital Europe


• The Czech Republic must not only actively support the establishment of educational programs focused on cyber security but above all strive to connect them with current state institutions dealing with cybercrime. At the same time, it must strive to connect them directly with the private sector, which is dealing with this issue in the given country. The mere creation of a university cyber security program on campus without a deeper connection seems to be a significantly insufficient solution. • Cyber security is one of the key sectors that will necessarily require direct investment and support from the Czech Republic in the coming years. • The Czech Republic should not only raise awareness of cyber threats, but especially in the case of strategically important companies, it should strive to quantify potential damage as accurately as possible. The more accurate the estimate of possible damage, the higher the chances of preparing for possible cyberattacks and their consequences. • The Czech Republic should strive to create a system of tax breaks and financial incentives in order to create an environment so that companies focused on cyber security can more easily establish and further develop. At the same time, there should be projects in which such companies would provide government employees (especially those working in the IT sectors) with professional training, internships or expert programs focused on cyber threats. Last but not least, the Czech Republic should provide financial support or other benefits to companies (especially those that can be described as strategically important) that decide to increase their cyber security, for example by purchasing higher- level antivirus software. • In ensuring the cyber security of the public administration, ministries and state institutions must focus primarily on securing and protecting key functions and processes – disrupting these functions would have a significant disruptive effect on the running of society. The mere protection of internal systems and the data contained in them is in itself insufficient. At the same time, it is necessary to have alternative solutions available for fulfilling key functions.

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