ŠAVŠ/TAČR Digital Czechia in a Digital Europe


because of the relatively low values both in the case of intersection and in the case of digitalization.

eGovernment Benchmark 2018

Source: eGovernment Benchmark 2018, European Commission

However, the digitalization of public administration and services involves a number of factors (from political priorities to constraints related to the level and extent of connectivity) that make the process itself highly variable and unique in each country. Nor can the concept of one-size-fits-all be applied in this case because the digitalization of public administration usually encounters various barriers (e.g. willingness of residents to use e-services, ability of residents and government employees to adapt to digitalization, confidence in adequate protection of personal and other data) that require a solution that meets the needs of the country or region. For these reasons, the Czech Republic must look for best practices in those countries that have faced the same problems or pursued similar priorities and, at the same time, have similar infrastructure and facilities at their disposal. When looking for best practices in the field of digitalization of public administration and services, the above factors should be taken into consideration, thus avoiding generalized indices as a quick guide to identify best practices. Although such indices provide, to a large extent, a basic view into the overall level of digitalization, they usually lose their informative value regarding the

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