ŠAVŠ/TAČR Digital Czechia in a Digital Europe


• The Czech Republic should ensure and pay attention to the fact that the services it starts to offer in digitalized form can be handled from start to finish without any need for further communication with the authorities (by telephone or physical presence). • When creating digitalized services, the Czech Republic must avoid, in particular (1) unnecessary duplication in filling in basic data, (2) digitalized services that are not user-friendly, and (3) creating services that would be difficult to find on websites. • The Czech Republic must take into account future trends, especially the necessary creation of systems that are user-friendly and compatible with smartphones. • Similarly, the Czech Republic should place greater emphasis on developing systems/online platforms for digitalized public administration and services that are proactive and not just reactive. • The Czech Republic should strive for greater private sector involvement in policymaking for more effective digitalization of government and services. However, the first step should be to ensure a sufficient supply of information from as many private entities as possible.

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