ŠAVŠ/TAČR Digital Czechia in a Digital Europe


• Multilingual environment in the field of e-invoicing. One of the objectives of Directive 2014/55/EU was to eliminate barriers in the field of cross-border trade in the implementation of contracts intended for public administration. The software solution for electronic invoicing should contain at least the following language versions: Czech, English, German, Polish, Slovak, French and Spanish. The portals through which B2G electronic invoicing takes place in economically developed EU member states usually offer 3 to 4 language versions (e.g. Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark). Given that the Czech Republic has a number of multinational companies not only from the European Union, it would be desirable for users to be able to use language versions other than only Czech or English. (Currently, the English version of the National Electronic Instrument is completely unsatisfactory condition.) • Consider adopting legislation and introducing a solution allowing e-invoicing between companies (B2B). The aim of this recommendation is to introduce the possibility of e-invoicing also in the B2B area and thus ensure the transparency of business transactions between individual companies. As part of this process, the trust in a functional portal solution shall be ensured, which will assure fast, secure, trustworthy and efficient data transfer between the information systems of the relevant companies. The Czech Republic may be inspired by legislation and solutions for e-invoicing in Italy. This country has become the first EU member country in which companies have been obliged to issue e-invoices in a B2B relationship since 2019. • To increase the awareness of business entities about the benefits that are associated with electronic invoicing in the field of B2G. Once businesses effectively use B2G electronic invoicing and are aware of all the benefits that this electronic data transfer solution brings, it will be much easier to motivate them to use B2B electronic invoicing, provided that there is interest in the solution on the part of the Czech government. Businesses operating in Italy are already required to issue B2B electronic invoices via the SDI portal. Greece is currently in the preparatory phase with the expected date of mandatory B2B electronic invoicing from 2020.

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