Prague, Czechia


zakona-c-106-1999-sb/informace-zverejnovane-podle-paragrafu-5-odstavec-3-zakona/ implementace-narizeni-evropskeho-parlamentu-a-rady-eu-2019-1150--251607/. [6] Czech Ministry of Justice. (2021). Czech Judiciary 2020: Annual Statistical Report [online]. [cit. 2021-12-30]. Available only in Czech at: uments/12681/719244/Ceske_soudnictvi_2020.pdf/43b3020e-fc02-44a4-bb2c a124ce85f57b. [7] Czech proposal of the amendment to the to the Act No. 480/2004 Sb., on certain information society services, incl. explanatory memorandum to the proposal. Parlia mentary print 106 [online]. [cit. 2021-12-30]. Available only in Czech at: https:// [8] Decision of the European Committee of Social Rights of 12 September 2018, Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) v. Ireland (Complaint No 123/2016). [9] Di Porto, F., Zuppetta, M. (2021) Co-regulating algorithmic disclosure for digital platforms. Policy and Society . Vol 40 No 2, pp. 272–293. [10] Dutch draft bill on introducing public oversight and enforcement of Regulation No. 2019/1150 of the European Parliament and of the Council on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services, from 22 April 2021 [online]. [cit. 2021-12-30]. Available only in Dutch at: https://www. [11] European Commission Approval of the content of a draft for a Communication from the Commission – Guidelines on the Application of EU competition law to col lective agreements regarding the working conditions of solo self-employed persons COM(2021) 8838 final [online]. [cit. 2021-12-30]. Available at: https://ec.europa. eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/ip_21_6620. [12] Italian law no. 178 of 30 December 2020 [online]. [cit. 2021-12-30]. Available only in Italian at: cazioneGazzetta=2020-12-30&atto.codiceRedazionale=20G00202&atto.articolo. numero=0&qId=&tabID=0.6378654355595881&title=lbl.dettaglioAtto. [13] Joyce, S., Neumann, D., Trappmann, V., Umney Ch. (2020) A global struggle: worker protest in the platform economy [online]. [cit. 2021-01-03]. Available at: https://www. et%20al%20Policy%20Brief%202020.02.pdf. [14] Judgment of the Court of Justice of 4 December 2014, FNV Kunsten Informatie en Media v. Staat der Nederlanden (C-413/13), EU:C:2014:2411, para 42. [15] Judgment of the Court of Justice of 12 September 2000, Pavel Pavlov and Oth ers v Stichting Pensioenfonds Medische Specialisten (C-180/98 to C-184/98), EU:C:2000:428, para 68. [16] Katsabian, T. (2021). Collective Action in the Digital Reality: the Case of Plat form-Based Workers. Modern Law Review . Vol 84 No 5, pp. 1005–1040. [17] Lechardoy, L., Sokolyanskaya, A. and Lupiáñez-Villanueva, F. (2021). Study on “Sup port to the Observatory for the Online Platform Economy”. Monitoring of the imple mentation of the Platform to Business Regulation [online]. [cit. 2021-12-29]. Available


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