This chapter focuses on the issue of digitalization from the perspective of companies registered in the Czech Republic. The aim of the research was to determinewhich public services should be digitalized as amatter of priority from the point of view of the experience and opinions of company representatives. As part of the data collection, a combination of telephone and online surveys was chosen. Telephone inquiries were intended for a sample of 250 companies selected according to fields of activity and company size; the online survey was intended for respondents from the TOP100 ranking of Czech companies, with 28 companies answering it. The survey itself was conducted in the period November – December 2019. The distribution of respondents was as follows: Number of companies Share Agriculture 10 4% Manufacture 83 30% Retail and trade 61 22% Services 99 36% Knowledge services 25 9% Within the results presented below, we took the liberty to work with only three groups: (1) production and agriculture, (2) trade, and (3) services (including knowledge services). In terms of company size, 178 small companies (64% of respondents), 63 medium-sized companies (23% of respondents) and 37 large companies (13% of respondents) were represented. If we consider the people who filled in the questionnaire, the directors of the companies in question predominate: Position Number of respondents CEO 44% Head of ICT department 31% CFO 25% In the first part of the survey, we looked at the current level of digitalization in individual companies. According to the respondents, the level of digitalization in their companies is at least relatively advanced (71% of respondents) – but it should be mentioned that due to self-evaluation, it remains a subjective evaluation. The highest level of digitalization was recorded among medium- sized companies (84% of respondents), on the contrary – and here it is necessary to emphasize the above subjective self-assessment – the lowest level of


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