predominates in manufacturing companies, and the area of HR administration and logistics is often digitalized in large companies. Companies consider the digital competencies of their employees to be satisfactory, with almost a quarter of respondents sending their employees for regular retraining in the field of ICT. However, only less than a third of companies have their own employee designed specifically for the digitalization of the paperwork. An interesting finding of this researchwas the fact that although respondents attach high priority to digitalization, they often have not developed any strategic approach to it in the company. To mitigate the effects of the implementation of this process, respondents would most often welcome deductions from the income tax base (trade companies) or subsidy programs for digitalization (companies in the field of production and agriculture, as well as medium-sized companies). If we focus on the current experience of respondents with e-government services, despite their regular use, company representatives often encounter the fact that the services offered are not fully digitalized, thus necessitating the physical presence at the authorities or at least telephone communication. They also often mention the opacity and complexity of the services offered, when web portals are not very intuitive and/or the need for paid archiving of data in the data box for more than three months from the delivery of the message. As part of the online handling of business matters, company representatives would most often be interested in viewing and extracts from public registers and public administration information systems, as well as the possibility of obtaining valid legislation completely free of charge. On the other hand, there was no significant interest in online solutions for the establishment and dissolution of the company, open data, or in the field of patent proceedings and trademarks. Companies operating in the field of production and agriculture are also interested in online insolvency proceedings. For e-Government services focused on the financial and HR administration, company representatives would most often be interested in online solutions to tax paperwork, including in relation to social and health insurance. On the other hand, online solutions for the certification of qualifications are not crucial for companies, nor is the solution for employing foreign nationals. There is also a great interest in companies operating in the field of production and agriculture in the online solution of foreclosures and repayment calendars for personal bankruptcy of employees.


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