APPENDIX 1 – QUESTIONNAIRE INTENDED FOR GOVERNMENT OFFICES Survey Questions 1) In your opinion, the current speed and quality of digitalization of public ad- ministration and services (e.g. finding out information: about waste records, from the cadastral map of property; about vehicle transcription; from open data) in the Czech Republic is a) Very effective b) Quite effective c) Quite ineffective d) Very ineffective 2) Your interest in the digitalization of your office (i.e. the provision of online services offered by the state) is a) High b) Moderate c) Low to non-existent d) Completely non-existent 3) Does digitalization have a positive effect on the activities of your office? a) Definitely yes b) Somewhat c) Not really d) Definitely not 4) Have you currently developed a plan for e-government in your office? a) Yes, we have a plan for e-government. b) No, we have not developed a plan for e-government; we only have an approved strategy so far. c) No, we have not considered e-government yet. 5) What is delaying your digitalization efforts? (You can check more than one answer.) a) Lack of funds b) Lack of interest among our residents c) Insufficient possibility of internet connection (on the part of citizens) d) We view digitalization as unnecessary e) We know how or what to digitalize, but we have technical obstacles f) We don’t know how or what to digitalize – there is a lack of assis- tance and support from the state g) Other (please specify) ………………


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