CYIL Vol. 7, 2016


Dear Readers, It is a great pleasure to introduce the seventh volume of the Czech Yearbook of Public & Private International Law (CYIL), appearing, as usual, in October. Autumn is the period of wine harvest but also the period of many international conferences and of the debate of the Sixth (legal) Committee of the United Nations. It is most likely the right time for readers of this Yearbook interested in developments in international law and its codification. The Czech Yearbook is a scholarly publication of the Czech Society of International Law, acting in cooperation with the Czech Branch of the International Law Association. The above institutions and the Editorial Board of the CYIL are proud that the Yearbook is growing and maturing. As you know, the CSIL publishes the Yearbook in both printed and electronic versions ( Since last year the Czech Yearbook has been included, in addition to the Czech index of scholarly peer-reviewed journals (RVVI), in the SCOPUS international database. We are the first Czech law journal admitted to SCOPUS. And it seems, on the basis of discussions of editors of international law journals present at the ESIL conference in Riga in September 2016, that this is an important achievement, compared with other European journals, some of them having a much longer tradition. Since 2014 the Czech Yearbook has been published by new international publishers, RW&W, Science & New Media, Passau-Berlin- Praha, and distributed through the company Südost Service GmbH abroad, mostly in Germany. However, rich and interesting content is and must be, in our opinion, as important as the form. Volume 7 (2016) presents a variety of studies and articles covering many issues of contemporary International and European law. It includes, inter alia , studies and articles on a determination of jus cogens , an inclusion of the crime of aggression into the Rome Statute of the ICC, the use of force, ISIS, unilateral economic sanctions and international administrative law. Like last year, the CYIL also presents a section on International law and EU law, including the role of habitual residence bearing on public and private international law and the EU law. Two other articles focus on the equality of treatment of economically inactive EU citizens and recent CJEU case law limiting the access of migrants to social assistance. An important number of articles deal with international human rights law, in particular from the perspective of the Council of Europe’s system, including the status of new minorities, right to privacy and surveillance and right to a fair trial in asylum procedures, as well as international humanitarian and international criminal law and justice.


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