CYIL Vol. 7, 2016

VÁCLAV ŠMEJKAL CYIL 7 ȍ2016Ȏ that was already proposed by economists. 66 These measures could also increase the critically vanishing EU legitimacy in the eyes of Europeans as a small part of their welfare would be organized and secured by the EU itself. Thus, although it is the CJEU who is now blamed for limiting rights derived directly from EU-citizenship, the ball is now in the politicians’ court as they want to intervene in the nature of integration much more than the CJEU ever did in its decisions. Hopefully the CJEU’s new approach in the decisions Dano, Alimanovic and García-Nieto was only a tactical retreat that would be followed by a principled defense of the rights of EU workers, which will force the Member States to solve the present problems of their national welfare systems more creatively than they are currently proposing.

66 LUKÁŠ KADIDLO, LUBOR LACINA, ‘Why Would Eurozone Need an Own Budget?’ [2015] Policy Paper Series of Mendel European Centre . Vol. 6 (4/2015), 13.


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