CYIL vol. 11 (2020)

Have EU Citizens a Right to Become Members of National Political Parties? View from the EU Law and Czech Law Perspectives Magdaléna Svobodová 193 Methods of Application of the Aarhus Convention in the Case-Law of the EU Court of Justice Michael Siman 208 The Contemporary Issues of Post-Mortem Personal Data Protection in the EU after GDPR Entering into Force Ondrej Hamuľák, Hovsep Kocharyan, Tanel Kerikmäe 225 Artificial Intelligence and Competition Law – Is the Notion of an Undertaking Broad Enough? Michal Petr 239 The Withdrawal Act of 2018 and the European Judicial Area in Civil and Commercial Matters after Brexit Dimitris I. Liakopoulos 257 IV. INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW AND CRIMINAL LAW Cultural Property in the Laws of War (1863 – 1907) Dalibor Jílek 281 Legality of Targeted Killings under International Law Josef Mrázek 296 The Classification of Armed Conflicts – Internationalized, Transnational and Cyber Conflicts Milan Lipovský 314 Cultural Rights Related to Cultural Heritage and their Protection under International Criminal Law Ivan Ryška 328 V. INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR LAW Whither the Future of International Nuclear Law? A Survey in Legal Futurism Jakub Handrlica 343 Stri ct Liability as a Legal Protecting Mechanism within the International Nuclear Liability Regime Marianna Novotná – Veronika Trojčáková 357 On the Current Trends of International Treaties in the Field of Nuclear Law with the Participation Of Russian Federation Victoria V. Romanova 370 VI. THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD IN INTERNATIONAL AND CZECH HEALTH LAW Balancing the Interests of Pregnant Woman and Child During the Childbirth Petr Šustek 379 Previously Expressed Wishes in the Czech Republic – THe Right Way to Fulfill the International Obligation? Josef Salač 389


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