CYIL vol. 12 (2021)

CYIL 12 (2021) REPORT FROM THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE SOLAIR 2021 international law and international commercial law, Faculty of Law, Charles University Prague, and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of State and Law, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, spoke about the latest developments of the UNIDROIT’s project on Digital Assets and Private Law. Petr Očko , Deputy Minister for Digitalization and Innovation at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, presented activities of the Czech Republic and the Ministry with regard to the fulfillment of the Czech National AI Strategy and support of the Czech universities and companies with regard to AI. Moreover, he spoke about the Czech position to the EU proposal of the AI Act. The third Friday panel focused on AI in business and finances. Within this panel, the speakers shared their thoughts on consumer protection, financial services, and insurance questions. Francesca Lagioia , Senior Research Fellow at the Law Department, European University Institute, Florence, and at the Cirsfid–AI, LawDepartment, University of Bologna, introduced an interdisciplinary project Claudette whose aim is to empower consumers with the help of a machine learning-based system that partially automates detecting unfair and unlawful terms in contracts and privacy policies. Next, Alex Ivančo , Department Director for Financial Markets III at the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, spoke about challenges pertaining to regulating AI-based financial services. Lastly, Kamil Szpyt , Assistant professor at Krakowska Akademia im. Andrzeja Frycza Modrzewskiego, focused on AI-related insurance questions and namely on implementing principles of ethical and trustworthy AI in the European insurance sector. In that regard, he introduced and analyzed the respective report published by the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) in June 2021. The last Friday panel focused on highly relevant issues related to AI, media, disinformation, and democracy. Professor Ryan Calo , Lane Powell and D. Wayne Gittinger Professor of Law, Co-Founder of the Tech Policy Lab and the Center for an Informed Public at University of Washington, spoke about the phenomenon of misinformation and potential ways how to resist it. Next, MelindaMcClure Haughey , Doctoral Candidate at University ofWashington, presented her research on voting-specific disinformation and misinformation during the U.S. elections and on how this research could help journalists to identify misinformation better. Finally, Ginny Badanes , Senior Director at Microsoft’s Democracy Forward Initiative, talked about how misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation cause loss of trust in key democratic institutions and how society could fight this trend. The SOLAIR 2021 conference attracted more than 220 participants from 59 countries from all around the world. Most participants were from Europe, North and South America, and from Asia. In November and December 2021, the conference will be followed by three side specialized seminars and workshops on AI and liability, AI and personalization, and AI cybersecurity and law enforcement. All of these events will be organized in a virtual form. The fifth year of SOLAIR conference will take place on 8 – 9 September 2022. More information will be available online on the conference website

Alžběta Krausová *

* Mgr. Alžběta Krausová, Ph.D., LL.M. is a researcher at the Institute of State and Law of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and a researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague.


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