ŠAVŠ/TAČR Digital Czechia in a Digital Europe


From this point of view, the Government IT Centre coordinates the following activities: • organization and automation of government offices in the field of data collection, transmission and processing, • development and maintenance of mapping of administrative processes and the state of their interoperability, • providing organizational support to the public administration and assisting in their efforts to reorganize, • identification of synergies between individual public administration bodies and optimization of the exchange of information between them. Lastbutnot least, thecenter is responsible formanaging the“MyGuichet” portal. The tasks of the center also include the implementation and personalization of secure administrative documents together with the processing of biometric data. The center is also responsible for setting up an electronic document management system. Following managerial theories of centralization, power is concentrated in a lower number of bodies. Centralization thus enables uniform decision- making from the center, but on the other hand it can limit the autonomy of lower application bodies and thus reduce flexibility in decision-making 11 . The main advantage of centralization can undoubtedly be seen as a high degree of coordination and concentration of functions in the hands of a single body. The disadvantages of centralized approaches are considered to be the problem of transferring information from the application parts to the central control level (either the possible lack of necessary information or their certain delay). Given that this is a centralization of e-Government, it can be assumed from the very beginning that an effort to eliminate this critical point by appropriate system settings. For the purposes of this article, centralized approaches mean e-government legislative solutions in Finland, Austria, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. CENTRALIZED APPROACHES

11 Veber Jaromír and coll., Management, Praha: Management Press, 2014.

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