ŠAVŠ/TAČR Digital Czechia in a Digital Europe


Finnish Approach

At first glance, the Finnish approach suggests a slightly decentralized logic; however, all flows are directed towards the Ministry of Finance , which is strategist of the Finnish e-Government and is responsible for policy making and development of state ICT projects. In April 2011, the role of the ministry for the management of ICT areas was strengthened, resulting in the creation of the Public Sector ICT Department . This department is responsible for the overall development of e-Government, information management in public administration, corporate data management, as well as information management in central government institutions. The task of the department is to formulate a functional solution and methodology for the development of information security in public administration, as well as data management in central government. The department is divided into three departments: Digitalisation, Information Management and Policy, and Information Security and Cyber Security. In addition to ICTDepartment for the Public Sector, the Ministry ofTransport and Communications participates in the coordination of the management of the Finnish e-Government. This is in charge of drafting legislation on infrastructure, i.e. communication networks, data protection and data security issues. The Ministry has four departments: (i) the Ministerial Governance Department, (ii) the Services Department, (iii) the Data Department, and (iv) the Networks Department. The Networks Department is divided in the Networks Regulation Unit, the Development Unit and the Climate and Environment Unit. The Networks RegulationUnit is taskedwith drafting laws and other strategic guidelines related to frequencies, network licenses and broadband connections. The Development Unit ensures that networks and network markets provide a sustainable growth platform for services. The Data Department is responsible for regulation related to the use of data, including security as well as automation in the transport sector. The Service Department is responsible for the regulation of digital services. The coordination of the Finnish e-Government is in the hands of four commissions and committees primarily coordinated by the Ministry of Finance (JUHTA, Valtori, government network security). JUHTA (Advisory Commission on Information Management in Public Administration) is an advisory commission appointed by theMinistry of Finance. This commission is responsible for supporting cooperation in information management between the state and municipalities. The commission coordinates the development of information technology, information management and electronic services in central and local government, and further develops relevant recommendations for public administration.

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