Of the above-mentioned problems and shortcomings across sectors and sizes of companies, the most frequently mentioned are insufficient digitalization of offered services and their ambiguity and complexity . On the other hand, the positive findings include the fact that company representatives do not express to much concern about data security and are convinced of the stability of web portals. The final part of the survey focused on the preferences of e-government services , separately from the parties to online business in general, and then the online financial and HR administration. For each of the services offered, respondents were able to express themselves on a Likert scale (1-5) from the most important (1) to the least important (5). The following areas have been identified within the scope of e-government ser- vices related to business in general :  expansion of the online portal of publicly accessible data (open data) col- lected by the state for use for commercial and non-commercial purposes 0 e.g. overviews of public tenders; analyzes and statistics usable for mana- gerial decisions  online foundation of companies 0 company or business registration: name, registered office, entry in the public register; tax registration  views and extracts from public registers 0 e.g. federal register, register of foundations, register of associations of unit owners, commercial register  views and extracts from public administration information systems 0 e.g. cadastral map of property; vehicle register; trade register; criminal record; a record of the driver’s demerit points; extract from the register of unreliable payers; extract from the insolvency register, etc.  change of company’s registered office 0 registration of a new address, including online notification of a new ad- dress to other institutions (financial office, post office, waste collection), automated log-off from the original offices and suppliers  vehicles 0 vehicle registration/cancellation/transcription, online registration of vehicle technical certificates; searching for vehicle details in the vehicle register; reporting fines and misdemeanor proceedings (including chal- lenging a fine and checking details); driver’s license and its renewal online; professional card and its renewal online; paying road tax online; vehicle insurance; technical inspection information; reporting a stolen vehicle  construction procedure online 0 the process from submitting applications to the individual authorities concerned to obtaining a building permit  electronic distribution of documents


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