d) Yes, I tried to log on, but it didn’t work. e) Yes, but I don’t use it. f) No, I’ve never visited it, but I know what it is. g) No, I don’t know what purpose the Citizen’s Portal serves. In the case of answers 9a) and 9b) and 9c) 9.1) Assess the quality of the Citizen’s Portal a) Great b) Good c) Quite poor d) Terrible 9.2) What would you recommend improving? (You can check more op- tions.) a) Login method. b) Availability of a reader for logging in via e-Identity Card. c) The portal is confusing (not intuitive). d) Provide more services online. e) Raise awareness of the Citizen’s Portal. f) Other, please specify: ……………… g) I wouldn’t change anything. In case of answer 9d), 9e), 9f) 9.1) Why don’t you use the Citizen’s Portal? (multiple options can be marked) a) I don’t have access to a computer. b) I don’t have access to the Internet. c) I don’t have a way to log in. (I don’t have an e-Identity Card, data box or e-identity account.) d) I’m concerned about the security of personal data. e) I prefer to handle the matter at the office. f) I don’t need it. g) I find the login complex. h) I don’t know how to arrange it. i) Other reason, please specify what: ……………… 10) Do you currently use some online services offered or provided by the state (e.g. viewing the cadastral map of property; submission of an application for a copy of your criminal record; information on your driver’s demerit points; submission of an application for a certificate of indebtedness of natural persons)?

a) Yes b) No


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