CYIL Vol. 7, 2016

CYIL 7 ȍ2016Ȏ INTERNATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE LAW AND ADMINISTRATIVE ACTS… in Italy and in Greece. He has also published a number of articles dealing with transnational (transterritorial) administrative decision-making, recognition of foreign administrative acts and international administrative unions. He is a member of the Czech Association of International Law and of the International Nuclear Law Association. Introduction 1. 80 years ago Karl Neumeyer 2 published the 4 th volume of his studies in “International Administrative Law”. 3 While in the first three volumes of his studies (published in 1910, 4 1922 5 a 1926 6 ), he dealt in particular with identifying those norms providing for territorial application of domestic or foreign public law in various legal relations, 7 the 4 th volume of the “International Administrative Law” dealt with theoretical issues of the subject in general. In particular, Karl Neumeyer provided for basic rules regarding transboundary effects of administrative decision making ( die Rechtserheblichkeit ausländischer Amtshandlungen ) in selected situations (recognition of foreign administrative acts, transboundary effects arising from either multilateral or bilateral international agreements, cases of executing public powers in specific legal situations 8 ). Despite the fact that these issues were also partially touched on by some earlier authors (in particular by Prospero Fedozzi 9 in his monumental work “International Administrative Law: a Systematic Outline” 10 ), Karl Neumeyer is currently considered 11 (together with Donato Donatti 12 and Giuseppe Biscottini 13 ) to be the founding father of the science of international administrative law. 14 2 Karl Neumeyer (1869–1941), Ordinary Professor of International Private Law (1926) and Dean (1931) of the Law Faculty, Ludwig – Maximilian University in Munich. 3 NEUMEYER, K. Internationales Verwaltungsrecht, Vierter Band: Allgemeiner Teil, Verlag für Recht und Gesellschaft AG, Zurich, 1936. 4 NEUMEYER, K. Internationales Verwaltungsrecht : Innere Verwaltung I, Verlag J. Schweitzer, München, 1910. 5 NEUMEYER, K. Internationales Verwaltungsrecht : Innere Verwaltung II, Verlag J. Schweitzer, München, 1922. 6 NEUMEYER, K. Internationales Verwaltungsrecht : Innere Verwaltung III, Verlag J. Schweitzer, München, 1926. 7 Travel documents, register of inhabitants, associations and societies, rail, river, air and sea transport etc. 8 „Extraterritoriality“, military occupation of foreign territory, various forms of shared administrations ( condominia etc.), terra nullius. 9 Prospero Fedozzi (1872–1934), Ordinary Professor of International Law at the University of Perugia (1899), Rector of the University of Genoa (1917–1923). 10 FEDOZZI, P. Il diritto amministrativo internazionale: nozioni sistematiche , Unione Tipografica Cooperativa, Perugia, 1901. 11 MÖLLERS, C. Internationales Verwaltungsrecht , in: Möllers, C., Vosskuhle, A., Walter, C. (eds.) Internationales Verwaltungsrecht , Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen, 2007, pp. 1 et seq . 12 Donato Donati (1880–1946), Ordinary Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Padova, Founder of the »Rivista di diritto pubblico«. 13 Giuseppe Biscottini (1909–1992), Ordinary Professor of International Public Law at the Catholic University »Sacro Cuore« in Milan. 14 VOGEL, K. Administrative Law: International Aspects , in: Encyclopedia of Public International


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