Sborník č. 51

will of public administrative body on the first side and binding its factual effect on manifestation of will of natural and artificial legal persons as law confess legal effects to such a manifestation which is reflection of its own personal interests on the other side. It simultaneously checks available options in accordance to present legal treatment and gives a information about it, which content is the enumeration of all fundamentals types of feedbacks arising from alternatives of steps oriented to protection of these private priorities, whether it’s going on owners and recipients of another absolute rights to pieces of real estate located in solved area, whose rights to these estates are directly affected, reduced, or cut down in accordance to declared binding utilization of territory, or on persons affected indirectly by the future utilization of territory, i. e. persons having only relative rights (for example lease sublease, loan etc.) in relationship to the solved territory and persons having rights of all kinds relating to the territory bordering with the territory solved by the territorial plan, whether having common boundary or not. Although the piece of work refers just to phase of „proceedings“, which is only one of phases involved in process of taking territorial plan, and major part of text is dedicated to this unquestionable focus of contact with the public, it was impossible ( taken from professional point of view) completely omit and not to mention, even marginally, some attendant institutes. Without at least partial outlining of these, the purpose of the piece of work could be foiled. So the piece of work briefly pays attention on two exceeded areas. First – on shortened description of fundamental phases of taking territory plan. Second – on most distinct manners of intervention of private persons to the process of taking before „proceedings“ itself. Finally, in relation to the „proceedings“ itself, the piece of paper gives a systematical enumeration of instruments enabling continuous control within the process of taking as well as following correction of manner of dealing with used reproaches or following correction of published territory plan, by defensive means of administrative and judicial nature.


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